Saturday, January 1, 2011


A new day, a new year.

Change is in order. It is time for something new. This will be the end of thebrothersoconnor. It's been a good run.

With the two most precious little boys, I go with no doubt there will be joy and laughter and love in all that we do.

To Rob and Ben and Liam. I love you forever. Let's go exploring!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

The day was spent playing with all the new toys. We got out Liam's new race tracks and came up with this amazing track. There was lots of cheering as the cars raced through the loops.

Rob and I got to have a rare evening out while the boys played at our friend's home (many thanks). Ben took along his new Wall-e in the red bag.

Ben and Liam were in bed around 9:30pm with visions of 2011 dancing in their little heads. Goodnight, my sweet boys. And, may all your days be blessed.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let's go bowling

And, so we did this morning. We tried to go last night but the lanes were full. Who knew it would be packed. That's when we headed for ice cream. So, this morning we tried again and basically had the place to ourselves. We had a very good time. And, then "we" were done. And, when you are done bowling, it's time to go.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I love these two grainy photos of Ben. The first shows exactly what his mind is up to these days. He is constantly analyzing, questioning and building. He got a Leg0 Ben Ten figure for Christmas from Paw Paw and he has it close by all the time. He is studying the other Leg0 figures to see how they fit together. Smart boy.

And, this photo was taken tonight when we went out for dessert. Ben stuck his face in his ice cream cone. I love that he is serious and smart and silly and so so sweet.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not the norm

Rob went to get Ben for lunch and he was asleep in his bed.

He went back to check on Liam and he was actually eating his lunch.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Liam!

Big Three! Liam has grown up so much is year. All the baby is gone and we are left with the most precious little boy whom we love beyond measure. He is sweet and smart, funny and wild. Each day with Liam is a joy and exhausting as he goes 90 miles an hour and never stops. He gave up naps three months ago. Liam knows his ABC's, can count to ten but is not interested in any numbers beyond that, and can sing an excellent version of Row Row Row Your Boat. He potty trained in a few days with very few accidents. He eats about every third day. He hates getting his hair cut (we had to use a shaver to cut his hair this month because he refused to sit for it to be cut.) Liam loves monster trucks, transformers, power rangers, and trains. He is especially taken with race tracks right now. He is most happy when we head out of the house first thing in the morning and come back close to bed time (this never happens). He wants to be on the go all the time. Happy Birthday, Liam. You are our special boy. We love your hugs and kisses, your naked dance parties and how you need two bah bahs (blankets), two little horses, a deer and a big horse to go to bed at night. Your smile and bright eyes light up the room. We love you forever!

"My new Big Boy Bike!"

The most adorable THREE year old on a new bike!

He couldn't get his coat and shoes on fast enough. There were some starts and stops but he was on the go - it's going to be a fast paced summer.

We had Liam's party this evening. Grammy, Poppy, Na-Na and Paw Paw were here plus our sweet neighbors for the celebration. There were lots more presents (because truly we needed more toys), pizza and cake. Liam blew out all the candles and was so proud.